Promotional: Cristina Martin, Author Interview

28 11 2012

Cristina Martin, the author of The Automat is stopping by this week to do an author interview at

Cristina Martin was born in Miami, Florida in 1978. When she was 10 years old, her goals were to write a book, show her art in a gallery, and move out of Miami. She accomplished all three goals by the age of 32, and then some!

Cristina spent 5 long and arduous years living in New York City, where she showed her artwork and began writing “The Automat.” She moved to Los Angeles, where she currently resides with her husband and son.  Her hopes are to one day become a writer for a sitcom with a memorable theme song featuring a strong bass guitar.

The Automat is a fictional story exploring the dark side of human nature and the innate desire of being loved. It is a story of unexpected change in the routine of one’s simple life, of obsession, guilt, and the consequences of betrayal. The Automat will appeal to readers of literary fiction with dark undertones.
The Automat is a story of Horace Gray, a dispirited introvert, who takes notice of a mysterious set of eyes that stare at him from behind the Automat wall. Horace sets out on his own adventure to meet the woman behind the automat wall, and ultimately understand her motives. He soon finds himself obsessed with his new pursuit as everything else around him becomes inconsequential.

You can buy her book here:

Amazon for Kindle and paperback. (paperback)

Barnes and Nobles for Nook

Sony eReader


Apple Bookstore

You can also download it directly from

Learn more about Cristina Martin here:



Twitter: hornandhardart




Promotional: Correction Line, A Book Review

21 11 2012

This Saturday, Charles Henry Editing is launching a weekly book review series! Our first book is Correction Line by Craig Terlson.

Craig Terlson’s fiction has appeared in Carve, Hobart, Smokelong Quarterly, Bound Off, 3:AM, Slow Trains Literary and many other literary journals in the United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Correction Line is Terlson’s first novel,  and it looks like a doozy.

Here is a brief description of Correction Line from

If not for the sharp curves of prairie correction lines, grid roads would converge into one point. When encyclopedia salesman Roy Blake meets Lucy, an ex-palmist living in a secluded house, he hits a different sort of curve. After a failed sales visit, Roy returns to find the house trashed and her dog tied up in the basement. Just as he discovers a shelf of glowing mason jars, two men carrying shotguns arrive and start smashing furniture upstairs. Before the men can flush him out of the basement, a chemically induced explosion levels the house and Roy barely escapes. Lucy pulls Roy into a world of bowling hustlers, Cuba-loving assassins, strange healing liquids, and guys that take baseball way too seriously. Curve balls meet curved roads, and Roy hits a correction line that will drive him toward a man who controls an entirely different salesforce.

If you’d like to read Correction Line go to:

To connect with Craig Terlson go to:

If you would like to have your work reviewed please go to the ‘Other Services’ to read what to send in an email to Carolyn Elias at Please note that the earliest review slot available is December 15th, 2012.

Promotional: Author Interview with writing duo, Wodke Hawkinson.

19 11 2012

This Friday, November 23rd, Charles Henry editing is interviewing writing duo: Karen Wodke and PJ Hawkinson! This writing duo has produced twelve works together and several solo works. We will be asking them about their writing process; their two newest books: Zeke, and, Tangerine.

‘Zeke is a dark novel of sexual obsession, psychological manipulation, and looming peril.

A naive college student falls for the new clerk at a local store. Captivated by his brooding good looks and menacing but irresistible charisma, she leaves herself wide open for exploitation and agrees to leave town with him. As they travel, his behavior grows more deviant and increasingly volatile.

Her parents’ concern leads them to hire a small-town PI, who begins his inquiry with only two objectives: first, to verify that her departure is voluntary, and second to ascertain her whereabouts. A simple case; however, he soon finds himself locked into a chase to save her life. Will he find her in time or will she become another victim of a cunning sociopath?’

Sounds good, right? If you would like to read Zeke 

You can buy it on Amazon for kindle here:

Or Smashwords here:

Or at b& here:

A description of  Tangerine by Wodke Hawkinson

Tangerine is a novel set in a future time where long distance space travel is commonplace and aliens are a natural part of society. A story of an interstellar biologist who explores the wild orange beauty of the planet, Tangerine, and discovers she is the heir to a device of great power. As she and her furry companion take to the stars, she is pursued not only by an evil collector but also by a romantic rogue!

To learn about Zeke, Tangerine, and the rest of their books visit their website If you need more reading suggestions make sure to check out where they discuss good books to read with their readers.

Still can’t get enough Wodke Hawkinson?

Friend them on twitter @WodkeHawkinson or on Facebook

Make sure to check out their interview on Friday, November 23rd to learn even more about the dynamic writing duo.

If you would like to participate in an Author Interview go to our ‘Other Services’ page and then email Carolyn Elias at Please note the earliest available interview date is December 21st, 2012.

Promotional: Interview with Arbutus Press

13 11 2012

Hello readers!

On Friday, November, 16th Susan Bays the founder of Arbutus Press is doing an interview with Charles Henry Editing. Arbutus Press specializes in literature that has a connection to Michigan. Recent titles include :Page One Vanished by Nancy Barr and Motorcycling Across Ohio by William Murphy. Interested in submitting a manuscript? Read the submission guidelines here:

Contact by email :

Arbutus Press

2364 Pinehurst Trail

Traverse City, MI 49686

Are you a publisher who wants to get interviewed? Email to set up an interview. Want 1/2 Off all editing services through out the month of November? email

Promotional: Author Interview with Ica Iova.

4 11 2012

Charles Henry Editing is interviewing Ica Iova, author of My Children, His Victims which is available through Xlibris, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her book My Children, His Victims is about Hostile-Aggressive Parenting (HAP) and the psychological damage it inflicts on a family, especially the children. She is currently working on another novel, I Never Got to Say Goodbye, and her true life story The Rocky Road to Dreamland. She also writes parenting articles for

Iova experienced the behavior of a HAP, which contributed to her determination to raise awareness on how traumatic, exhausting, and disturbing HAP actions are to everyone around them. She especially wants to emphasize how damaging that conduct could be to a young child.

To learn more about her go read her bio at Xlibris:

Follow her twitter account:

If you are interested in being a featured author on our blog, email to set up an interview time. Please visit for your editing needs and follow us on twitter:

Promotional: Author Interview, Dyane Forde.

3 11 2012

Charles Henry Editing is now conducting author interviews! Friday, November 9th, 2012 we will be posting an interview with fantasy writer, Dyane Forde. She is the author of The Eagle’s Gift and The Purple Morrow. You can read her work at:

Read more about her on Facebook

Or friend her on Twitter @PurpleMorrow

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