Book Review: My Children, His Victims by Ica Iova

26 01 2013

Some books are hard to read because the gravity of their subjects is so weighty. Some books are difficult to read because the characters are so raw and vivid, that all heartaches that the characters feel resonate in your breast. Some books are hard to read because they make you realize a horrible truth about human nature. Ica Iova’s book, My Children, His Victims, is a hard book to read for all of these reasons.

I was very happy to review this book when Ms. Iova asked me to a few months after her author interview. It is a great book: well written, unbelievably real, and a story of triumph. But when I sat down to re-read it, I almost couldn’t. I didn’t know if I could travel with Johanna as her beautiful marriage turns to open hostility and then divorce from her husband Louis. I didn’t know if I could re-read the painful details of how Louis bitterly and cruelly fought for custody of his children and how he attempted to turn their impressionable young minds against their mother. It is hard to watch Johanna’s life be destroyed and not be able to do anything to help her succeed.

What is most heartbreaking is how scenarios just like this happen every day. We have all seen a friend destroyed by divorce and embittered by the slow, capricious ways of divorce court. We have seen someone have to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of their past life and forge ahead. Some never do get the strength to move on and start a better life. I think what is truly remarkable about this book is that Johanna’s happily ever after is not a guarantee. In this book, art does imitate life; we are sated at the end: Johanna does get custody of her children but it is a long road. She makes mistakes, she is railroaded by the court, her children are put in jeopardy, and her children won’t love her with as much innocence as before the divorce.

My Children, His Victims hopes to illuminate people about Hostile Aggressive Parenting which is a serious form of child abuse that can occur during custody battles. Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP) is defined as: A general pattern of behavior, manipulation, actions or decision-making of a person (usually a parent or guardian) that either directly or indirectly. Hostile-Aggressive Parenting is most apparent in child-custody disputes and is used most often as a tool to align the child with one of the parents during litigation over custody or control of the child.  Hostile-aggressive parents will use the child as a weapon against the other spouse and family members. Hostile-Aggressive Parenting is considered by many health care and legal experts unhealthy, anti-social, abusive behavior which is emotionally damaging and contrary interest of a child. At the end of My Children, His Victims is an appendix which explains HAP more completely and explains what to do if you observe the symptoms of HAP.

My Children, His Victims is a lyrical novel that hopes to educate readers about a serious issue. Reading this book will be difficult but rewarding. I highly recommend reading this book (with some tissues) and learning more about HAP.

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Promotional: Author Interview with Ica Iova.

4 11 2012

Charles Henry Editing is interviewing Ica Iova, author of My Children, His Victims which is available through Xlibris, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her book My Children, His Victims is about Hostile-Aggressive Parenting (HAP) and the psychological damage it inflicts on a family, especially the children. She is currently working on another novel, I Never Got to Say Goodbye, and her true life story The Rocky Road to Dreamland. She also writes parenting articles for

Iova experienced the behavior of a HAP, which contributed to her determination to raise awareness on how traumatic, exhausting, and disturbing HAP actions are to everyone around them. She especially wants to emphasize how damaging that conduct could be to a young child.

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