Author Interview: Ginny Karoub

8 02 2013

This week we are interviewing Ginny Karoub about her works. Ginny Karoub is a children’s author, publisher, and is currently working on a YA novel.

What makes a good story?

For me, an inspired story is always good.  When something comes from the heart, it can always touch another heart. When reading, if the story and characters can reach out and touch the reader, you have a very good story. Reading a book is not just reading, but it can be a wonderful life changing experience.

What attracted you to writing stories for children?

When I was thinking of ‘writing a book’ one day, I would never have thought of writing books for children. But when I sat down to write that is what came to me. Oliver and Arthur, my very first book, literally flew into my head one early morning. My attraction is making reading fun for children. I loved reading to my children and I do believe a love for reading happens in your youth. I love creating colorful, fun stories to be read again and again.

What do your children think about your books?

My children, especially my daughters, the readers, love my books. They are my greatest fans.

Why did you decide to tell the story Mulberry Lane from the point of view of a pine tree?

Mulberry Lane was born from the publisher of Oliver and Arthur asking me for a Christmas manuscript for children. I sat down and typed, ‘There once was a little pine tree..’ then nothing came to me. After a day or two, I went back to my office and looking out the window at the huge snowflakes coming down, Mulberry Lane was born. It was no longer a manuscript for a book for children, but a book the whole family could enjoy. I was blessed with the whole story right at that moment in my office. The pine tree stayed special throughout because that was what I first typed.

Which character from Mulberry Lane is your favorite?

I love them all, it took courage to do what each did. We don’t always do what we should, due to fear or embarrassment. But, I will have to say Melissa is my favorite. In her loss she still moved forward in faith. And by doing so, she was used to bless many other people.

Can you tell us about your Young Adult Novel, Lilliana?

Lilliana is a wonderful, inspired story. The book and character’s are really coming to life. Lilliana is sixteen and has a ‘big purpose’ in her high school. God is using her to help several students. Her father is the pastor of the local church. He is suffering from a great loss, and it is affecting him more than he wants to admit as a man and a pastor. Lily doesn’t realize it yet, but she has a purpose in his life also. How does a teenager trying to figure out her own life, help others? In Lilliana, the bigger picture is in place… there is always a purpose and sometimes the past can be changed with a miracle.

Which of your books was the most difficult to write?

 Looking Through the Water, my first novel, had to be the best experience and the most difficult to write. It was difficult in the way, that it became so real, I had to write with tears in my eyes many times. I experienced what, Author Steven King, has taught about and that is, you have never experienced writing until one of your character’s speaks to you. I experienced that with, Looking Through the Water. What was so great to me, it was not the main character, but one of the other important character’s asking me for a second chance. My character’s second chance changed the outline ending. I had something else in mind for the ending but I was questioning it. The change in the book, for my character, made the book so much better. It was true inspiration at its greatest. My ‘difficult’ was a moving experience I am so glad I had.

I heard you are starting your own publishing company. What sort of books are you planning on publishing?

I started, Turn the Page Publishing because the publisher of my book, Adventures With Samantha Fellows, The Big Move! had to close their doors due to the economy. I did not want to lose the book, so  at the advice of another publisher of one of my books, I started my own to get the book re-published.  At this time I am only publishing my book but who knows in the future, I may want to take on a book or two! A good point to point out here is, I am making an author name change on my books. Over the next few months my books second printings are going to happen, so I am going to use, Ginae Lee Scott as my author name. Please find me there also.

What are your upcoming projects?

Lilliana is in the writing process and almost done. Munchkin, the Baby Vampire, is in the illustration process. What a cute book for children. Munchkin is adorable and he is learning not to bite. I am at the beginning of gathering the stories for, “I Wish I Had Known” a non-fiction book of ‘after’ the abortion. This book is on a very touchy subject but I felt very led to tell it. The response so far is overwhelming! I have women lining up to tell their stories. Some have even thanked me because they believe this is the start of their healing. I have been so touched and blessed in this project already and I am just starting it. I am starting another Adventures with Samantha soon too!

Where can we buy your books?

Amazon, Kindle and other finer bookstores. I also have them at my website’s online store.

Learn More about Ginny Karoub here:






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8 02 2013
Author Interview: Ginny Karoub | Golden Nuggets

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