Cover Wars

8 01 2013

Cyndi Faria, Author

Cover wars: All about promising to meet a reader’s needs.

Cover contests and the growing number of cover designers competing for an author’s business are sure signs of the ever-increasing importance of cover art. With so many fiction books available to readers, can you guarantee your book stands out from the rest?

Yes! A novel’s success can be partially attributed to how well the cover images capture PRIMAL DESIRES.

Abraham Maslow, PhD in Psychology, first described primal desires in his Hierarchy of Needs (read more here). Summarized, the hierarchy begins with a human’s most basic needs: physiological, followed by safety and security, love and belonging, and, lastly, esteem.

In an attempt to capture a book’s contents by way of cover design, consider incorporating what Dollars and Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-Publishing Success describes as the primal motivation that aids survival: fear, fight, fornication, and food.

Or the Hierarchy of Needs restated as the…

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